New e-cigarette study shows harmful side effects

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- There is a lot still unknown about the harmfulness of e-cigarettes.

Doctors in the area have treated several patients for health issues directly related to vaping.

A recent study published links new chemicals found in the vaping liquid to severe health risks.

Dr. Adriane Gianlupi of Marshfield Clinic, says that there are new side effects.
"The vaping does cause irritation of the upper airways, such as the throat,” Gianlupi said. “It also affects the lower respiratory track."

Gianlupi also says that locally, she has treated several patients with health issues related to vaping.

"Locally here at Marshfield Medical Clinic in Eau Claire, we have had a few patients that have been admitted to the intensive care unit directly related to vaping,” she said.

This is something that Gianlup sees every day in her practice, and says that it is hard to tell if her patient’s health issues are exclusively linked to vaping, as many of her patients are former smokers as well.

"The patients I see already have damage by cigarette smoking,” she said. “Some of them are trying to quit smoking by using the e-cigarettes. I try to tell them that there are other ways to quit smoking, safer ways.”

Doctors are adamant that it is the liquid that causes the health problems, but workers at Azara vape shop say it is the device and the miseducation.

"All of our juices are FDA approved, but all of them are device specific, so you need to know what you’re dealing with,” said Tara Fleishauer, an Azara employee.

Gianlupi says that she disagrees with this notion.

"With the heating, they do form other type of chemicals such as acetal, she said. “It is one of the chemicals they have isolated which are harmful. So, no, it is not just the device."

Even though they haven't had any local cases involving children, doctors stress e-cigarettes are bad for both adults and kids.