New measures for laundromats

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Keeping things clean is very important right now, and clothes are no exception. Still, some people have to use public laundromats, which can bring some challenges.

Nick Pathos, the owner of London Road Laundromat, has signs posted on the walls on his building that provide tips on how to protect yourself from COVID-19.

“We’re encouraging social distancing, trying to tell people to stay 6 feet apart, we’re encouraging hand washing, wearing the rubber gloves,” he says.

He says that certain settings on the washers and dryers could help prevent the spread of germs. The Director of Environmental Serves at HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital agrees.

“The hotter settings will kill the germs and then when you’re done with the washing part the high settings in the dryer as well,” says Kandy Ebert, Director of Environmental Services.

Kandy also says that your regular laundry soap will disinfect items, but recommends sanitizing laundry baskets between uses and laundering contaminated clothes separate. Workers at the London Road Laundromat are working hard to keep things clean.

“Our workers are working extra hard to wipe down all the surfaces on a daily basis but when people don’t cooperate it makes the job twice as hard,” says Pathos.

Under Governor Evers’ Safer at Home Order, laundromats are an essential service.

“We’re happy that we’re an essential business so we can stay open and provide this service to the public like I said it gets a little scary when people don’t follow and do what they should be doing,” says Pathos.

Pathos encourages people to follow guidelines because even though they may require extra effort, they’re put in place for a reason.