New medical forms helping Cornell first responders on calls

CORNELL, Wis. (WEAU) -- Local first responders are offering a helpful way to help save a life in case of an emergency.

The Cornell Area Ambulance Service has started printing medical information forms for people in the area to provide their medical history, current medications, and preferred hospital and emergency contacts.

The ambulance service says this will make it easier for first responders to treat patients, especially those who are unresponsive.

“It allows us to let your family know what's going on in case you're in an accident or we find you unresponsive,” said Robin Stender, service director.

The pink form will come with a sticker that residents can place on their door.

If medical crews are called to their home, they can look for this form.
They are asking people to place it on their refrigerator.

You can also choose to keep it in your car. Medical officials say the best place to put it is in your glove compartment and keep the sticker on your window.

If you are interested in obtaining a form, you can call the Cornell Area Ambulance Service office at 715-239-3346 to get the form and they will mail it.