New study links ingesting cosmetic products to child injuries

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- They are the products which help many add beauty to their appearance.

Ingesting household cosmetic products linked to child injuries.

But, thousands of children go to the hospital every year to get treated for ingesting toxic chemicals tied to cosmetics.

Marshfield Clinic RN, Mel Hunt, said that these products are often hard to spot and classify as dangerous.

"Things like shampoo, more or less all hair treatments like hair dyes, relaxers, perms”, Hunt said. “Those types of products that we can use every day and are not harmful if they are used properly, can be extremely harmful if a child unknowingly ingests them or uses them inappropriately."

Hunt also said that these products are more common than you might think.

"It's more those common household products like cosmetics, shampoos, and hair treatments”, she said. “These are more accessible to children typically because they are kept in bathrooms and cabinets that are lower to the ground. Those are the products that I would suggest parents are more aware of putting locks on cabinets or switching the location so that children cannot get to them."

According to a new study in the Clinical Pediatrics Journal, over four-thousand kids each year visit the hospital or ER due to injuries caused by cosmetics.

While this statistic worries local nanny, Maddison Beno, she suggests there can be alternatives.

"It does worry me, but the kids and parents I work with use very natural products”, Beno said. “So even the house cleaners, their hair products, and any make-up around the house are all safe and natural based."

Hunt added, if you think your child has ingested harmful chemicals, call the poison control center and transport your child to the nearest hospital.

She also said that she has not seen any cases this year involving kids ingesting cosmetic products, but has had some involving household cleaners and laundry detergent.