New study shows first responders not getting enough sleep

Published: Oct. 28, 2019 at 6:35 PM CDT
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Today is national First Responders Day and one study says these first responders are not getting enough sleep.

According to a study from Ball State University, 50% of America’s sleep deprived population work in the emergency services field.

Josh Miller of the Eau Claire Police Department says they are aware of officers not getting enough sleep and says there are protocols in place to help officers.

One of those protocols is making sure officers have at least six hours between shifts, as well as switching officers around shifts to figure out what works best for their sleep schedules.

Miller says it is vital to the job to make sure their officers are well rested.

"A lot of our job is judgement calls, fast reaction, fast responses and stuff like that,” Miller said. “Every study that talks about sleep deprivation talks about those kind of things being diminished when people don’t get the required amount of sleep for an extended amount of time. So it's obviously super important for us and that's why we take it very seriously."

Miller says during the weekend, the Eau Claire Fire Department responded to more than 50 incidents requiring services.

The study also says overall sleep deprivation has increased by about 10% among men and women.