Nursing network helps local moms through their breastfeeding journey

Published: Mar. 11, 2019 at 7:17 AM CDT
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A new support group in the Chippewa Valley is opening their doors to help moms who are nursing to network with other moms and professionals.

Mayo clinic health system has started a new nursing mom’s network that is open to anyone in the community and free to attend. You do not have to be a mayo patient to attend and the sessions are open for moms, dads, siblings and of course their babies.

“Breastfeeding is very natural and it's normal but it's not without ups and downs, tears, laughter,” said Melissa Thompson, and RN Lactation Consultant from Mayo Health System.

But each mom's nursing experience is a whole different journey. “Breastfeeding is really important to me and it hasn't been super easy and especially with twins it is a whole new ball game,” said mom, Heather Cook.

To help mothers like heather along the way, Mayo Health System started a nursing network. “Our goal is to really support moms with where they are at in whatever their breastfeeding goals are,” Thompson said.

The group has two certified lactation consultants that can help answer questions. "We don't have any subjects that we cover, it's just whatever the moms and dads what they want to talk about,” said Julie Anderson, an RN Lactation Consultant at Mayo Health System.

It’s a whole network of moms sharing their stories, struggles and triumphs. "To get the support of other moms not only about breastfeeding but just anything baby related,” said mom, Heather Cook.

WEAU’s own Monica Ott, often took advantage of the nursing network with her baby. “Week after week I just felt lifted up and supported and I just could never thank them enough for all of the help,” Ott said.

Each week, a whole network of moms attends and even a few dads come to the sessions. "If I could describe it in one word, it's very warm,” said Daniel Cook while holding his baby twins. “There is no pressure to do anything or be anything it's just like hey let's talk about this let's offer a little help.”

But experts say the key to a successful nursing experience is through a solid support system. "It's very humbling being a parent, supporting a parent and we evolve to support our kids and you need a community to do that,” Thompson said.

The group meets every Wednesday from 9 to 10:30 a.m. at Mayo Clinic Health System on Whipple street in the lower level. It is an informal, come and go as you please session and again it is free for any mom and their babies to attend.