Officials provide tips as potential flooding expected

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- With the risk for heavy rain increasing over the next few days, the Eau Claire Emergency Management division says there will likely be street flooding as well as small streams and creeks flooding.

“This weekend, streams and low-lying areas and different roads, in general, have a pretty good chance of some flooding due to the rain and the expected snowmelt,” said Emergency Management Coordinator, Tyler Esh.

Esh says this will make travel difficult. To prepare for this event there are some steps people can take to protect themselves.

When driving, make sure you don’t run low on gas. If there’s a need to leave your home quickly, you want to be able to get to safer shelter.

Also, make sure your vehicle has essential items like a cell phone charger, contact information for family and friends, and a spare set of clothes if you are unable to get home.

If you drive by flooded or closed roads, do not attempt to drive over the water. Water can damage or destroy roads without a driver knowing or the water can wash your vehicle off the roads.

Esh says you can also take small steps around your house to reduce the flood risk. Clear out storm drains if possible, remove valuables from the floor of your basement and place them on shelves, and clear snow from your foundation, windows and window wells.

Local public works agencies say they are quickly clearing storm drains. If you need sandbags, the Eau Claire County Highway Department has a limited supply available. You can go to the Highway Department in Altoona to fill up sandbags. First come, first serve and you must bring your own shovel.