Husband and wife duo take on US Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship

Published: Aug. 13, 2017 at 8:10 PM CDT
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Champions were crowned in Carson Park today at the US Open Sculpture Championship, but for these husband and wife wood carvers, it’s not all about the title.

For Stevie and Sandy Songer of Broken Bow, Okla., wood carving wasn’t always an interest of theirs.

“My husband was a chainsaw and lawnmower mechanic, and he no longer wanted to be a mechanic,” says Sandy. “One of our salesmen is a part-time mechanic so he showed us some of the basic first steps and then from there you just have to learn it yourself.”

And today, Stevie and Sandy are a woodcarving team.

“He can do a bench by himself in about 6 hours, then it probably takes me about an hour and a half to do the finish work,” she says. “I carved this fish which sped his time up somewhat, so this is a team effort as well.”

And while Stevie says it would be difficult for most couples, it works for this husband and wife duo, and even gives them quite the advantage.

“Because me and my wife are a team, and she does at least 50 percent of the work,” Stevie says. “I’ll carve it, pass it on and she takes care of the rest of it.”

But for Sandie and Stevie who have become woodcarvers for a living, coming to US Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship is less about business.

“We do it for a job, so it’s a living for us,” says Sandy. “So when we get to come out here and do stuff out of the ordinary it’s still awesome because when we’re at home, we tend to do the things that sell quickly, so we do them over and over, but when we come to events it’s the best.”

And in the end, whether it’s work or competition, Stevie and Sandy start with simple wood logs to create a masterpiece.