Pantry pals drive up food pantry

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Pantry Pals has been making an impact the past four years at the English Lutheran church of Bateman in Chippewa Falls.

Even with the corona virus pandemic, people are still able to get the food they need in the drive through pantry without leaving their cars.

The volunteers of pantry pals continue to do their part helping those in need. Over these past four years, pantry pals has given out over 275,000 servings of food and estimate that they help feed around 400 people each food drive. With times getting increasingly tougher, Pantry Pals is still looking for more people to help, and encourage those who need necessities to stop by.

Even with questions of the future looming due to covid-19, Pantry Pals plans to continue their food pantry the third Saturday of every month, meaning their next food drive will be on April 18th.