Parkview Elementary 5th graders learn about news during summer training day

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- A group of local elementary students spent the day learning all about news.

WEAU’s Tajma Hall visited fifth graders at Parkview Elementary in Chippewa Falls for their annual news crew training day. Tajma talked to students about the day-to-day duties of reporters and anchors at WEAU and what goes into producing newscasts.

During the school year, students script and record daily news announcements that teachers later broadcast in their classrooms. The day was all about preparing this year's school news crew.

"Giving the kids the power to produce the show and decide what’s important for everyone else in the building to know....for them to be the leaders. This gives them one more outlet that they can express themselves," says Dawn Totzke, Librarian who works with the school’s news crew.

Students pre-record their news shows the day before and each get turns being the anchor. Students also learn how to use computer equipment and photography skills.