Peak fall color just around the corner

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Temperatures are falling, the breezy is blowing but many trees are still resembling summer. But, not for long!

This weekend will see the first widespread lows in the upper 20s to low 30s since late April. And, with the cold blast of air we should start to see more of the fall colors begin to show. This of course will not happen overnight, but in the coming week or two we should really start to notice more color.

This is actually typical for this time of year. Normally here in Western Wisconsin our peak fall color happens in early to mid October. According to Travel Wisconsin (who has over 100 color reporters sending in observations from across the state) we are beginning to see some color, but most of the area is only reporting about 25% fall color. This is the case for Chippewa County while Eau Claire is still only at 15% color. Up to the north there is a little more vibrant color with Sawyer County showing reports of 30% color and up around Douglas County is already showing half the trees at peak!

A lot of things factor into the amount of color and vibrancy of the fall colors...including the amount of moisture we received over the summer, the temperatures and then of course the onset of fall. It is still a little too early to tell exactly what this season will bring, but it was a wild summer with a variety of weather (and a LOT of humidity) so we will just have to wait and see what this season brings.

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