Photographers benefit charity with volunteer photography

Published: Apr. 18, 2020 at 2:25 PM CDT
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Biz and Jason Connelly of Conn Artists Photography have been doing photography for 6 years, and during this time they're choosing to do some good for the community.

“This has given us a chance to give to the community in a time where vulnerable people need our help and it's been a great opportunity to go around and put a smile on people's faces literally,” says Biz.

They are putting those smiles on peoples faces through free photography, with one condition. Those who participate are asked to donate to the Bolton Refuge House.

“We just decided instead of trying to make money off of it, we would rather see the money going towards a donation of something that was in need and we thought about Bolton,” she says.

“In this time they see a shortage of donations coming in, so this is just an opportunity for them to help get extra funds for utilities and just staff salary and just to keep the doors open,” says Jason.

They've been doing photography on the front porches of eau claire residences.

“We’ve been pretty much staying as far away as we can, we have a zoom lens, we've been able to be from a distance getting their picture, sometimes from a car sometimes from the roadside,” they say.

And they’re hoping they can inspire others to come up with creative solutions.

“We're hoping that this inspires others to do some good if they have an opportunity and have the chance, like we are fortunate to have the time and the means to do this and hopefully there are other businesses that can be creative and come up with a way to help others.”

They have already raised over $1,000 and say they will continue to help their community.

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