Potential Indian Hills Public Access improvements discussed in public hearing

TOWN OF SEYMOUR, Wis. (WEAU) -- For decades the Indian Hills Public Access has been in place in the town of Seymour to give people access to Lake Altoona.

But some say the location is unsafe, and difficult to get boats into, prompting a push for improvements.

A potential improvement project spearheaded by some community members was the topic of Monday's public hearing.

Those in the lead of the proposal say the access point is the only one near the town onto Lake Altoona.

The proposed improvements include putting down concrete, a general clean-up of the area, among other changes.

Those in favor of the improvements want a safer access point to the lake.

But those living in the town opposed say the changes could make life more difficult for those who live on the lake, and would create more traffic in the area.

"It was never intended to be a regular boat landing, it was intended to be a beach like you said. There's private property very close on either side so any sort of public thing, when you're talking about a garbage can and a coin box, it's more like a wide driveway," said Susan Jacoby, who opposes the improvements.

"There's quite a few people throughout the town of Seymour that have have been utilizing that lake access for many, many years and a lot of people get stuck down there. So consequently it is time to discuss making some permanent improvements to make the access more safe and user-friendly," said Fred Kappus, who is in favor of the improvements.

Town Board Chair Doug Kranig says no action on the proposal is expected from the town board until the spring or summer.

The plan would cost approximately $12,000, and how that would potentially be funded is still up in the air.