Price County investigating deaths of animals on Ogema farm

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OGEMA, Wis. (WSAW) -- The Price County Sheriff’s Department say they’re investigating the deaths of animals at a farm in Ogema.

According to a news release, an investigation began following an anonymous report of animal mishandling at a farm located on Fryk Lane. Officers found numerous dead animals on the farm that were not properly buried.

Staff from various Price County departments responded to the farm to assess the living animals and properly dispose of dead animal carcasses. A veterinarian was called in to evaluate the health status of animals on the farm. Two animals were euthanized, and all animal carcasses were buried on-site.

Investigators said one dog required medical care and was removed from the farm by the county animal control officer.

Wednesday, a veterinarian with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection inspected the animals and found no evidence of any serious or unusual contagious livestock diseases.

The County is working with the farm owners to help provide proper care for the remaining animals.

There is an ongoing investigation into potential charges of violating State law and County ordinances pertaining to proper animal care, abandonment of animals and disposal of dead animals.

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