Queen of the Mississippi stops in La Crosse

The Queen of the Mississippi near Riverside Park.
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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Monday, the Queen of the Mississippi docked in La Crosse as the big paddle boat makes its way down the Mississippi River.

150 passengers are on a seven-day cruise from St. Paul to St. Louis.

Tourism officials say the stop in La Crosse helps expose new people to the Coulee Region and what the area has to offer.

This year, due to high-water, there have been four cancellations of big boat stops in La Crosse, but now it's full steam ahead for the summer.

"When it comes around the corner and comes in to dock here it is majestic, that's a good word for it," says Janet Dahl, with Explore La Crosse Tourism Services. "And to come in, it's just bigger than life and the people just enjoy it, it's such a relaxing thing for them to be on."

There are 14 more big boat stops scheduled in La Crosse this year.

The city is also currently looking to build a new cruise ship landing that could house more paddle boats at a time.