Residents in Barron deal with aftermath of severe storms

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BARRON, Wis. (WEAU) -- Severe storms hit western Wisconsin on July 19 leaving many communities to deal with the aftermath.

In Barron, trees have fallen in nearly every yard. One woman lost an 80-foot tree after it fell onto her house during the storms.

“What can you say, what can you do. It's done but it's sad,” says Marian Schmidtz of Barron.

Some trees have knocked down telephone poles and power lines leaving many homes and businesses in the area without power.

Many roads are blocked by trees and downed power lines.

Another Barron resident, Scott Heck says he lost all four of his trees during the storm.

“Now I have none and they used to shade my house so beautifully on the east and west sides,” Heck says. “I can replant them but how many years is that going to take for them to regrow?”

According to Xcel Energy, 25,000 customers had lost power after the storms and about 10,000 still did not have power on the morning of July 20.

Xcel Energy says more than 500 employees are working to restore service safely and quickly.