Restaurants make changes to reopen

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The Eau Claire Chamber held a virtual town hall on Thursday to provide guidelines for businesses to reopen.

They said that restaurant owners will likely be dealing with the most changes.

Dave Burg, the representative for restaurants and bars, shared some guidelines that restaurants should be following when they reopen.

“6 foot distancing is the main thing we want to take away from everything, just making sure we are decreasing our occupancy of our businesses and making sure that everyone who is not part of the family unit up to 6 people, that we are using that 6 foot distancing,” says Burg.

The French Press in Eau Claire opened Thursday and they had to make some changes to allow for social distancing.

“We have taped off tables to keep that square feet per table per person, so there's that space between them and the next person,” says Kris Tollefson at the French Press.

They are also making sure nothing is self-serve, and that everything is sanitized between uses.

“The biggest challenge has been to get food supply, you know our suppliers had to trim their inventories down in order to operate successfully or make a profit still or at least tread water, so getting stuff in and waiting for them to build their inventory back up was probably the biggest challenge,” she says.

Even with the challenges, Tollefson says there are positives to reopening as well.

“I see a lot of smiling faces, with people coming in they're just happy to be in, and just to see each other again and to have a little bit of community,” she says.

But the President of the Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce says patience is the key to re-opening.

“Be kind and be understanding. As businesses reopen it's not just like you fling the doors open and everything goes back. It's been said but we're not going back to what we had,” says Dave Minor.