UPDATE: Evacuation doesn't dampen Rockfest fans

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CADOTT, Wis. (WEAU) -- The storms also rolled through Chippewa County, knocking down trees and power lines in Chippewa Falls and Bloomer.

In Cadott, tens of thousands of people didn't let storms ruin their rock fest. Y, we talked about how people were trying to stay cool at the Rock Fest grounds north of Cadott Thursday.
Tonight, the concern shifted to keeping safe from these powerful storms.

The grounds were evacuated for some time tonight and people were told to go back to the campsites.
While some people waited out the storm in their vehicles, others chose to stay in their tents. Those in campers or cars did not receive much damage, but dozens of tents collapsed or were blown over. Lisa Berna of Freedom, WI was one of those who rode out the storm in her tent.

"At first it wasn't bad. We were laughing and drinking holding the sides up," she said. "Then it got really bad. It collapsed in on us, and I’m screaming laying down, the tent is on top of us; we were trying to unzip it and get out. We ran to the truck and got soaked on the way. It was crazy.”

The gates opened back up around 8:30 pm and people began heading back inside. Five bands were scheduled to play on the main stage after the gates reopened.

According to Rock Fest's Facebook page, they are asking everyone to evacuate the concert grounds in an orderly fashion with expected severe thunderstorms coming near the grounds.

Take shelter in your vehicle until the storm passes.