SPONSORED: New machine to provide treatment close to home for Rice Lake patients

Published: Mar. 4, 2020 at 8:23 AM CST
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More than half of cancer patients are treated with radiation at some time during their course of treatment. New technology is making that treatment more successful and more convenient for patients in Rice Lake.

"The machine itself actually delivers the radiation faster, so patients are on the table for less time, more comfort for them," said Lacey Hermann, a radiation therapist, referring to the new True Beam machine at Marshfield Clinic in Rice Lake.

The new machine is state-of-the-art. It’s fast and successful.

"We're able to deliver treatments in less than two minutes for many of the cases,” Dr. John Simmons, OD. "The risk of damage to the nerves has been improved by 30 to 40 percent."

Now that the machine in located in Barron County, it’s also convenient.

"We're going to offer technologies that you see in Minneapolis, Eau Claire, Rochester…very precise radiation,” said Dr. Simmons. “It gives more people treatment options close to home."

Cutting down on the drive time isn’t merely efficient for those battling cancer. Health experts say it has a direct impact on a patient’s recovery.

"They like to have their families there...their kids, their grandkids there as they're fighting this because the importance of the community pastures is very important,” said Dr. Simmons. “It takes a team to get someone through cancer therapy."

"I feel like everyone wants to be in their own bed at night,” said Hermann. “You want to be around your loved ones when you're going through something."

The new True Beam machine is going to be available for patients at Marshfield Clinic in Rice Lake starting March 17. Dr. Simmons says it’s just the start of a wave of technological advancements in the field that will provide shorter courses of treatment with fewer side effects and a better quality of life for cancer patients.