Schultz keeping busy working at Rio Olympic games

Dr. Kevin Schultz - a local chiropractor, speaking in June before going to the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
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RIO DE JANEIRO (WEAU) -- Since he arrived last Thursday in Rio, Dr. Kevin Schultz has been busy.

The Chippewa Falls chiropractor has been part of the crew working with the United States Greco-Roman wrestling team at the Summer Olympics. In an interview with WEAU 13 News from Rio on Tuesday, Schultz said has worked to give the athletes “whatever they need.”

“I’m here at the training center and we’re adjusting the athletes, but we’re getting things for them,” he said. “We’re just part of the team, helping out in any way possible. Some of them, we’re getting them some last-minute nutrition tips, that type of stuff as well.

“I’m here specifically as their chiropractor, but just support the team, the coaches and families in any way that I can.”

This is the second Summer Games which Schultz is working with the wrestling team – having been on-staff in London back in 2012 – and said there are some stark differences between those Olympics and the current Games.

“In London, everything was high-tech. At the training center, we were at a state-of-the-art university. Everything was just amazing and immaculate,” he said “Here’s we’re stuck in the middle of the jungle, but it’s really cool. We’re right in the Amazon and we’re out in the mountains here – about an hour out of the city.

“When you’re down in the city, an incredible backdrop everywhere you look. It’s just gorgeous. So, it’s not as high-tech and smooth as it was in London, but great in its own way.”

That beauty and grandeur has been enjoyed by Dr. Schultz during this first-ever visit to Rio.

“It’s so much more gorgeous than I even anticipated,” he said. “When you’re down on Copacabana beach – which, I got a chance to do that yesterday – there are just incredible views. You got the ocean waves rolling in and then you have these huge rock formations all around. You got the Christ the Redeemer in the background. So, it’s pretty incredible.

“If anybody is thinking about coming down to Rio for a vacation, I would encourage it. I think this place is great and beautiful. I wouldn’t be scared I any way with any of the things that we heard about.”

Beauty and grandeur aside, this is still a work trip for Dr. Schultz and he said he is trying to keep it as strictly-business as possible.

“You know, every time I do one of these events, it’s sort of the same thing for me. I feel like it makes me a better doctor,” he said. “Not to take anything away from the Olympics, because people work their entire lives for this moment. But at the end of the day for me – if it comes down to the difference between helping someone win a medal or helping somebody become a better schoolteacher or better pastor or a better mom or a better dad – that’s what it’s all about for me. I’ll take those everyday things every day.”

Schultz said he is planning to return to Wisconsin on Wednesday night, but admits he would be up for working at the next Summer Games four years from now in Tokyo.

“If the opportunity is still there, no question,” he said “This is too great to pass up.”