Sculpture Tour Eau Claire has extended the voting time

Sculpture Tour Eau Claire
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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (NEWS RELEASE) -- Sculpture Tour Eau Claire has extended the voting for the People’s Choice sculpture through this weekend, to enable our downtown Fall Festival guests to vote for their favorite sculpture.

Each year, residents and visitors to Eau Claire choose their favorite sculpture from the current tour, and Sculpture Tour buys the sculpture and gifts it to the city’s permanent collection.

Voting was originally scheduled to end today, but has been extended through Sunday to include the festival crowd.

Ballots feature 35 sculptures that are eligible for the purchase award this year. Ballots can be found along the route in boxes on light poles, or you can vote online at Ballots are also available at the Sculpture Tour office inside Brent Douglas Flowers, 610 S. Barstow

Also at this Saturday’s event, Sculpture Tour will announce the winner of the kangaroo sculpture raffle, which has been going on since May. The winner will be announced at 2:30 at the main stage.