Senator Johnson visits River Prairie development in Altoona

Published: Aug. 29, 2016 at 5:38 PM CDT
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Republican senator Ron Johnson says his opponent in the November election, Democrat Russ Feingold, wants to take more out of your paycheck.

He made those comments while at a stop in Altoona today to announce a statewide coalition that will mobilize supporters in the Eau Claire area and across the state.

Senator Johnson says Wisconsinites are looking for real leadership to know how to grow an economy and he says he can help do that.

"Unfortunately, Senator Feingold is good at growing government. He wants to take more of your paycheck, voted for more than 270 tax increases during his 18 year career in the senate. That's not going to create this kind of development. That's not going to help grow our economy. That's not going to create the opportunities we are all looking for."

Senator Feingold’s office released a statement saying, “Middle income and working families across Wisconsin are feeling shut out by an economy that only works for big corporations and multi-millionaires like Senator Johnson. Wisconsin deserves a senator who will build an economy that works for everyone."