Sheep Judging at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair

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CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- Many people brought their animals to be judged at the Northern Wisconsin State Fair.

On June 13, people brough poultry, llamas and sheep for judging competitions.

The Lindow family brought more than 70 sheep to be judged at the fair.

10-year-old Jenna Lindow has been showing off sheep with her family for her entire life.

“I like spending time with the animals and bonding with them,” Lindow says. “I really enjoy the sheep.”

Each of the six kids in her family show off a different breed so they do not have to compete against each other. Each breed is first judged separately according to specific standards, says the fair’s open show sheep judge, Nathan Hanson.

“Each association for each different breed sets out a certain list for the certain qualifications they would like their animals to meet,” Hanson says. “For example, the Hampshire breed is known to be a very large very well balanced breed with wool down the legs, wool over the head, black face and different features like that.”
Lindow says she and her family make a lot of preparations before bringing the sheep in front of the judge.

“To get them ready for the show to go in the ring you have to take a comb and brush all the bedding and stuff like that out, take off their blankets and bring them down to the ring,” Lindow says. She also has responsibilities to take care of the sheep at home.

“Our market lambs, we walk them every morning and we have to put conditioner and stuff in their legs to get their legs ready and we walk all the breeding stock that we show and then we have to feed everything,” Lindow says.

Hanson says the idea of the show is to allow people to compete against one another so that the animal can be the best it can be.

“The general things we look for in all breeds are muscled lambs, balanced lambs, good structure so they can track around the ring very cleanly,” Hanson says. “We want very clean moving animals that are easy to take care of.”

The Northern Wisconsin State Fair continues in Chippewa Falls through June 14.