Sheriff's Department bringing "Project Lifesaver" to Eau Claire County

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The Eau Claire Sheriff’s Department is implementing a new program with potentially life-saving technology to help locate missing people.

The program, Project Lifesaver, is aimed at people with cognitive disorders like Autism or Dementia, who have the tendency to wander.

The international non-profit has helped rescue more than 3,300 people since its inception in 1999.

Project Lifesaver equips people with technology that they wear on a wrist or ankle that allows their location to be tracked by law enforcement if the person wanders off.

Deputy Melissa Sommers is working to bring the program to Eau Claire County.

“I think this program will really benefit families with individuals who tend to wander,” Sommers says. “It will give them the extra reassurance that if their child were to go missing, there are systems in place to better be able to track and locate their loved ones on a quicker, faster level.”

Sommers says Project Lifesaver will drastically decrease the time it takes to find someone when they disappear.

“We have incidents daily of individuals that have gone missing so they could be potential clients we could be able to help,” Sommers says.

Sommers is currently working to raise the $6,500 she needs for deputy training and to purchase the equipment.

If you would like to donate or you know someone who could benefit from Project LifeSaver, contact the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department at 715-839-4709. Sommers says the program should be implemented by the end of 2019. To learn more about Project Lifesaver click here.