SkyWarn13 Alert: The latest winter storm exits today

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Fairly significant snow totals across the area this morning from the winter storm that arrived Saturday afternoon. Here are some snow totals from Sunday morning:

Chippewa Falls, WI 6.5"
Menomonie, WI 6.2"
WEAU Station 5.8"
Eau Claire (Official) 5.6"
Nye, WI 5.0"
Bruce, WI 4.3"
Black River Falls, WI 4.0"
Alma, WI 3.5"
Granton, WI 3.3"
La Crosse, WI 2.9"

It has been a very snowy year... before this latest event the total snowfall for the 2018-2019 season was up to 81.8". This year now ranks as the #2 spot in terms of yearly snowfall (we actually measure the snow through the entire winter season so technically July-June). The official measurement form this latest event is 5.6" for Eau Claire. So now we're only 2.0" away from the #1 spot!

Snowiest years:
#1 1997 89.3"
#2 2019 87.4"
#3 1929 84.9"
#4 2013 84.3"

Now the clean up begins, this snow will be hard to shovel and snowblow as it will be moisture heavy. Use caution when attempting to remove snow and take special care to check your roof. Much of the area has already seen two feet of snow accumulate and with more heavy snow that could lead to some roof collapses. Travel conditions will continue to be difficult today, due to gusty winds drifting snow and causing visibility issues. Looking ahead, the next weather system arrives during the middle of the week, and with milder temperatures in place, it looks to be mostly a rain event.


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