Smokin' Joe's gives truck drivers access to meal delivery

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MENOMONIE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A local restaurant is providing food to truckers who can’t go through typical drive-thru’s.

Smokin’ Joe’s Barbeque and Grill based in Menomonie has come up with a solution for truck drivers to get meals, when dine-in restaurants are closed due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

They’re using their empty parking lot to create a space for meal delivery to truck drivers.

“I used to be a trucker and I know how difficult it is out there and when everybody’s closing down and they can’t get a hot meal to eat and the government’s shutting down our restaurants and stuff, take advantage of the room we got, we got three truck stops right off the highway here, so why not have them pull into the yard and get their hot meal to go,” says Tony Nadler, the owner.

The staff of the family owned restaurant understands how important truck drivers are.

“Truckers are the backbone of America really, without them we won’t have the supplies that we need so if they stop running, for whatever reason, then there goes us,” says Ronald Middleton, a cook at Smokin’ Joe’s.

“Most of the goods in your home are brought by a truck, you know everything you look at is brought by a truck,” Nadler says.

Smokin’ Joe’s aren’t the only ones who appreciate truck drivers.

“We did have a person donate $600 to truckers so we said ‘let’s get a donate button’ and we’ve had an outpouring from the community and it’s been great!”

The community has come together to donate meals to them as well.

“If you ever need a meal, until this craziness is over, pull into our parking lot between the cones and grab a meal!”