Special delivery made to Family and Children's Center

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Wednesday afternoon a special delivery was made to the Family and Children's Center.

For the past decade, UW-La Crosse Biology Professor Scott Cooper and Lab Manager Kurt Grunwald have been making wood toys for the center.

The gift bags go to families in the Healthy Family Program, a landmark child abuse prevention program at the center.

This year 36 bags featured handmade car carriers, coming fully equipped with toy cars and other goods.

"Well we just feel so grateful that someone is willing to take the time and thinks of us and thinks of our families. And I think the reason why people think of our families is because our families are really working hard to do better and be better people and they're working their program and they're really really making big strides," said Family and Children's Center Director of Development Jamie Korn.

Scott and Kurt estimate they spend a couple of hours hand-making each toy.

The Healthy Family Program has been around for 19 years.