Special education teacher at Robbins Elementary wins 2020 Golden Apple

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Throughout the month of February the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation is recognizing educators and staff in the Eau Claire Area School District with Golden Apple Awards.

Monday, the award travels to Robbins Elementary School to honor special education teacher Kelly Custer.

"I have an exciting announcement for you and your students that are here. So you are the recipient of this year's golden apple award and it is my honor to present it to you."

Robbins' principal Jake Donze is making Kelly Custer's day, presenting her with the Golden Apple Award. Donze says Custer always tries to see things from the kid’s point of view and works to empower her students to make gains in the classroom on their own.

Custer says, "it's the little things that happen every day. When you are in special education we look at the whole child, when we get to see those little smiles and we celebrate the little victories of just every day normal things that people take for granted. And when we get to celebrate those things we do it up in a big way."

Jake Donze, Robbins Elementary principal, says "she is amazing for many reasons. I think one of the biggest reasons is her compassion for these kids, like she has the kids backs every day. And more than anything, what you find about kelly is her relentless enthusiasm that she brings to work every day. I mean really and it's just infectious for the rest of us to just to be around her. There is a joy and enthusiasm that is unparalleled, really magnificent work that she does with the students."

Custer and Robbins Elementary School will both receive $500 from the Eau Claire Public Schools Foundation. Kelly will be presented with a Golden Apple crystal at the awards banquet on April 16.