State Assembly Republicans are looking to trim income taxes

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Wis. (WEAU)-- State Assembly Republicans are looking to trim income taxes for Wisconsin filers by an average of $106.

It’s part of a nearly $250-million income tax cut plan announced throughout the state Friday.

Republicans are tapping some of the state's projected $620 million budget surplus to pay for the tax cuts.

It looks to reduce personal property taxes paid by manufacturers by nearly $45 million and cut general state debt by $100 million.

State Rep. Romaine Quinn- (R) Barron says "a lot of really good components, more money in your pocket, paying debt off sooner, more relief for employers. And then, of course, leaving some an emergency fund, so some day, if we had a downturn, we don't want to make cuts to schools and UW System and our department of corrections. So we're kind of shielding ourselves for the future and we're setting ourselves on a good path forward."

In response, Democratic State Representative Jodi Emerson from Eau Claire released a statement saying, in part: "this is a political game they are playing. We have an urgent need in our state to expand mental health services for students who desperately need them as well as making sure that students with disabilities are receiving the services and support they need."