Staying cool during summer heat

Health officials say weather like this can be dangerous for some.
Health officials say weather like this can be dangerous for some.(WEAU)
Published: Jul. 12, 2019 at 6:16 PM CDT
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Summer is in full swing with a heat wave of temperatures expected next week.

Health officials say weather like this can be dangerous for some. As temps continue to rise, there are some things you can do limit your risk of developing heat exhaustion and eventually heat stroke.

Nathan Blankenheim is an emergency physician at Marshfield Clinic in Eau Claire.

"Avoiding the amount of time you're in the heat, avoiding how much excursion you're doing in the heat. 90-95 degree days aren't the days to be outside doing yard work all day.”

Emergency physician, Nathan Blankenheim, says it is important to stay hydrated with water and drinks with electrolytes.

"It’s important to stay very hydrated and to also have some salt as well as the fluids otherwise you run the risk of getting heat exhaustion and then you run the risk of extending that to heat stroke."

Blankenheim also says people with heat exhaustion show certain signs.

"People are profusely sweating, their heart rate is higher than it should be even at rest and their body temp is starting to get warmer than it should be."

Heat exhaustion can quickly develop into heat stroke if a person does not cool off.

"Anyone who is a hot temp, not sweating and confused is very alarming and they need to be in an emergency dept. immediately," Blankenheim

If a person is taken to the ER with a heat related illness, Blankenheim says they have tricks to cool someone off.

"One of the best methods we use in the emergency department is full body immersion. We put you in a tub of very cold water and that water absorbs that heat from you,” he said.

Blankenheim says to make sure you check on the elderly during the summer.

"These people are especially at risk of heat stroke."

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