Task force hopes to tackle student loan debt in Wisconsin

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WEAU) -- A newly formed task force was in La Crosse Thursday afternoon, the Student Loan Refinancing Task Force.

Members of the Student Loan Refinancing Task Force listen to public comments during a roundtable

The group is made up of the State Treasurer, as well as members from the Department of Financial Institutions and Higher Educational Aids Board.

Thursday the task force heard from community members who have been saddled by student loan debt.

"So when you have a $24 billion deficit, and you look at that individually, people are harnessed in figuring out how do I buy a house or how do I buy a car or when can I start a family. I mean this was an issue actually personally for me. I had $75,000 in student loan debt and I had nine percent interest," said Wisconsin State Treasurer Sarah Godlewski.

According to the task force, an average Wisconsin student has $30,000 in student loan debt when they leave school.

The task force will hold at least three more roundtables before giving recommendations on how to reduce student loan debt to the Governor next year.