The Voice of Cricket Country: Dave Strasburg

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FALL CREEK, Wis. (WEAU) -- A 1985 Fall Creek graduate, Dave Strasburg has never left Cricket Country. He’s put together quite the resume as the public address announcer for Fall Creek athletics and is closing in on a major milestone. SportScene 13’s Neil Hebert has the story.

“My office,” said a familiar face who’s normally behind the scorers table or has a camera in his hands taking pictures in the stand for Fall Creek girls basketball and football, something he’s been doing for the past 24 years and the last 13 for boys basketball. “(It’s) a special place.”

Tuesday night’s girls basketball game against Altoona will be Dave Strasburg’s 500th game public address announcing for the Crickets.

“I missed three games total in the 500,” Strasburg said of the milestone.

Anything Fall Creek athletics, Dave has you covered.

“I started my research back in August of 1985,” Strasburg said of his lengthy spreadsheets with Fall Creek statistics dating back as far as statistics allow. “Just me and a couple elderly gentlemen were standing around talking, ‘I wonder how many wins the boys basketball program has?’ That sounds easy enough to do. I’ll go back.”

And that’s exactly what he did, but it didn’t stop there: everything from points per game to the most obscure bits of information.

“We had a tie: a basketball tie against Stanley in 1935,” Strasburg said of the oddest fact in Cricket history he could come up with. “The officials couldn’t agree if there was a goal and it ended in a tie. I like to say, ‘We have so many wins, so many losses, and we do have a tie.”

Information overload, Dave created a Fall Creek Sports History Facebook page for documentation that now has over 1,500 followers.

“There’s alumni out there and it keeps them involved and being a part of Fall Creek,” Strasburg explained why he regularly keeps up with the page. “When they see a picture, it almost makes them feel like they’re there.”

Being the PA for 500 games, it’s tough to keep everything straight. Even Dave says he’s not perfect.

“I gave a timeout to Cadott. Bad thing is? We were playing Black River Falls at the time,” Strasburg said with a smirk. “The officials will never ever let me live that down.”

Countless hours spent in the football press box and behind the scorers table, Dave wouldn’t change a thing.

“This is my relaxation. Some people hunt, some people camp, some people fish to relax: just not my thing,” Strasburg said. “My place to relax is right here, in a gym.”