UPDATE: Some in Barron County still without power

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BARRON COUNTY, Wis. (WEAU) -- Severe storms in Barron County on July 19 have left 2,000 people still without power according to Barron Electric.

According to a message on the Barron County Electric Co-Op call line at 11 a.m. Tuesday, about 1,500 people are still without power. The message also states that there is no specific restoration time for the area and that it may be another two or three days until the power is restored.

Jen Groskopf of Almena was told it may be five or six more days before her power is restored.

“We have two generators, a couple coolers and we do have our fridge and freezers hooked up now but we are showering at the high school in Turtle Lake.”

Barron Electric says 50 crews are out working to get power back and 7,000 customers have already been restored. The company says more than 50 poles were damaged during the storm and power outages may last for several more days.

Others have gotten power back but are still dealing with severe damage from the storms.

Pieterke Bender of Barron County lost her barn in the storm where she stored her collection of cars and tractors and her husband’s motorcycles. She says she never expected her barn to collapse like it did.

“I figured if anything was going to go it would be the garage since it’s new and it’s not as heavy duty as that barn,” Bender says. “It’s got huge posts, it’s an old barn. I mean they are built to last some of the logs are huge.”

Community members say while the damage is severe, cleanup efforts are bringing people together.

“Barron is a pretty strong knit group,” says Rod Nordby of Barron. “Everyone just helps their neighbor and people you don’t even know stop and help you and it’s pretty nice.”

Nordby says cleaning up all the fallen trees and damage could take months.

“If you are looking for something to do and you like to clean up brush come to Barron we could use your help.”