Together Chippewa Valley supports local non-profits

Published: May. 29, 2020 at 4:52 AM CDT
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For many non-profits in our area, they were forced to cancel their fundraisers that support their missions. Now, "Together Chippewa Valley" is working to support local non-profits and keep them afloat.

To find out a full list of non-profits that will benefit or to make a donation

Organizers hope to maintain local programs, such as the Children’s Museum. Even though their doors have been closed for weeks, the staff is still working to keep kids engaged and learning.

If you want to try a fun experiment at home with the kids, here are the directions for Film Canister Rockets.


½ effervescent Alka-Seltzer tablet


Plastic film canister


1. Make sure to do this experiment outside or somewhere with a high ceiling!

2. Fill the film canister about half full of water

3. Drop ½ Alka-Seltzer tablet into the canister and quickly snap on the lid

4. Flip the canister so the lid is on the ground

5. Back up and wait for the rocket to blast off!

6. And now the science: when the alka-seltzer is added to the water, its components react and make carbon dioxide. When we seal the canister, the carbon dioxide builds up inside, filling the container. The rocket 'blasts off' when there is more carbon dioxide than the canister can hold!


It can be hard for younger kids to snap the lid onto the canister. It may work better for them to drop the tablet and the adult to seal and flip the canister.

This experiment is fun because it is unpredictable; how high will it fly? When will it blast off? If your rocket doesn't work, discuss what could have gone wrong. Did too much carbon dioxide escape before the lid was put on? Then try again!

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