Town board recommends to keep popular boat landing open

TOWN OF ANSON, Wis. (WEAU) -- A popular boat landing in Chippewa County was the focus of a town board meeting Thursday in the Town of Anson.

Hundreds gather at a Town of Anson board meeting.

The boat landing and access point at 196th street and 75th Avenue has been around since 1975.

But neighbors who live next to the area say it has created a parking nightmare.

Thursday the town board met to discuss its future.

Neighbors of the boat landing say since there is no parking, cars are constantly on their private property and create a dangerous situation.

The boat landing gives access to Lake Wissota State Park in Chippewa County.

Thursday in an overflowing town board meeting, the board heard from both sides and gave a recommendation on what to do with the future of the landing.

"This is for everybody, look at this. This is for everybody here, and I understand the people that don't want it but before they were there that landing was," said one community member in favor of keeping the landing open.

"I've never not felt safe for parking reasons or vehicles parked there. And I walk it in the dark, I walk it in the daytime. I've never not felt safe," added another.

"It's been nothing but a headache to the residents that live there and we've been to this meeting many times," said one of the neighbors of the boat landing.

"When we first started this it was a parking discussion. I didn't come here with the idea of shutting down the boat landing. As a matter of fact some of the other residents who are from Anson here were shouting shut it down. That's where it came from," said another neighbor.

The board recommended to keep the boat landing open, while also researching potential parking options.

Chippewa County and the Wisconsin DNR have the final say on the future of the landing, but say they wanted a recommendation from the town.

The county will meet to discuss the boat landing on Sept. 26.