Trial begins for man charged with first degree intentional homicide

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CHIPPEWA CO., Wis. (WEAU) -- Opening statements were heard Tuesday afternoon in the trial of a Chippewa County man charged with first degree intentional homicide.

Jesse Lloyd, 22, is charged in the 2016 death of Kenneth Patterson.

The state says evidence will show Lloyd shot Patterson when he and another man, Matthew Labrec met up with Patterson to give him narcotics.

The state says Labrec couldn't have shot Patterson since his shotgun was falling apart.

District attorney Wade Newell said, “Mr. Labrec will say that Jessie Lloyd up and shot Kenneth Patterson and Kenneth Patterson was obviously shocked to be killed. He's like, "Why Jessie?" Then he looks at him and starts taking off to avoid being shot any further.”

However Lloyd’s attorney Aaron Nelson said it was actually Labrec who killed Patterson. Nelson said Labrec had motive since he believed Patterson had ripped him off in the past and that Labrec was hallucinating on drugs when he killed Patterson.

Nelson added that Labrec said things like, “"I wasn't in my right mind’. He has said, ‘I wasn't even capable of making decisions because I was hallucinating’. He has said, ‘I wasn't even able to tell what was real.’ That's the man that your government is asking you to believe beyond a reasonable doubt to pin an intentional homicide on this young man over here.”

Investigators say Patterson’s body was found in a yard near Lake Wissota.

Matthew Labrec has already been sentenced to 20-years in prison for armed robbery.

Lloyd's trial is scheduled to last another seven days.