UPDATE: DA says woman accused in fatal stabbing claims she was attacked

Published: Mar. 28, 2018 at 1:56 PM CDT
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Dunn County officials said a local woman accused of stabbing a man to death claims he attacked her.

Bond was set for the 20-year-old suspect today. She's expected to be charged with first degree intentional homicide.

Ezra McCandless of Stanley could face life in prison. She’s accused of fatally stabbing 24-year-old Alexander Woodworth of Eau Claire last week. She made her first court appearance Tuesday.

In court, the district attorney said McCandless stabbed the victim 16 times before carving the word “boy” into her own arm.

The state asked for a $750,000 cash bond due to the severity of the case, and also said it's concerned for her mental stability as she poses a risk to others.

“At this point the state does believe there is a possible threat to public, as well as others given the information that was received,” said Andrea Nodolf, the Dunn County district attorney.

McCandless' attorney calling that request "unnecessary."

“I think the amount that's been requested, I’m trying to avoid using this word, is just ridiculous,” said Aaron Nelson, the defense attorney. “That amount of money is not required; there’s no basis to have that.”

In court, a report read aloud said McCandless and Woodworth were together on March 22nd. His body was found in a car in a driveway in rural Springbrook on the 23rd.

Nodolf said in court McCandless had admitted to the stabbing to law enforcement, and claims Woodworth attacked her.

“The information we have from the defendant in this case, she is claiming the deceased victim attacked her, but also informed law enforcement after she wanted it to stop she carved the word ‘boy’ into her arm,” Nodolf said. “The state has concerns as well with her mental stability, as well as a threat to others.”

But her attorney said he's been given no information that she even did anything.

“There's no statement that says she responded, she defended herself, that she did anything” Nelson said. “No statements from the government that she was nearby; that she witnessed somebody else kill him. There is no factual basis whatsoever that has been provided to your honor or the defense that she has committed any crime.”

Ultimately, Judge Rod Smeltzer said he finds probable cause a crime was committed and set bail at $250,000. If bond is posted, McCandless is required to remain in Chippewa and Dunn counties.

McCandless is expected back in court April 6th.

Bond was set for the suspect identified in the Dunn County homicide investigation.

A judge ordered a $250,000 cash bond Wednesday in court for 20-year-old Ezra McCandless.

According to the Dunn County Sheriff’s Office, 24-year-old Alexander Woodworth of Eau Claire was found dead in a car. Deputies said it was clear his injuries were not self-inflicted.