UPDATE: Attention to detail dominates Day 4 Nitek testimony

Published: Sep. 21, 2018 at 9:20 AM CDT
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The fourth day of the homicide trial for Doug Nitek was filled with another full slate of witnesses for the prosecution.

Attention to detail was the focus for many of Friday’s witnesses and what the state is hoping is that these details paint the picture of a man guilty of 31 counts – including first degree intentional homicide – in the October, 2016 death of Rusk County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Glaze.

Nitek, the man with those charges, was - at times - seen taking notes on what was being said. He wasn't alone, as a jury of 10 women and five men from Rusk County were doing the same.

The starkest image today was seeing Nitek's Remington Savage .25-06 bolt-action rifle and how that gun is typically operated.

During Friday’s testimony, Mark Simonson, a firearm and tool mark examiner, displayed the rifle, but under cross examination, he was peppered with questions on the uniqueness of firing a bullet from a gun – including Nitek's rifle.

As to that rifle, one of the witnesses brought in was Rebecca Ciske, a DNA analyst with the Wisconsin Department of Justice. She was one who examined the rifle and, based on her analysis of six points on it- this, being one of those swabs said the DNA of just one person was found on the weapon – Doug Nitek.

When the trial began Tuesday, St. Croix County judge Scott Needham, who is presiding over the trial, said: "When I take 15 citizens away from home, I expect them to work."

That will be happening, as an abbreviated session of testimony is scheduled to take place at the Dunn County court house on Saturday.

MENOMONIE, Wis. (WEAU) -- The fourth day of the trial against Doug Nitek was filled with another full slate of witnesses for the prosecution.

Nitek, on trial for 31 counts tied to the October, 2016 shooting death of Rusk County Sheriff’s Deputy Dan Glaze, was again in civilian clothing and seen taking notes during the morning testimony.

Since the trial started in a Dunn County court room Tuesday, the state has worked to prove Nitek knowingly shot and killed Glaze on his property the night of Oct. 29, 2016. The defense team is maintaining Nitek was merely protecting his property from someone coming onto it that night.

Friday morning’s testimony began with a cross-examination of Detective Brian Trowbridge with the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Department. The line of questioning from defense attorney Richard Jones centered on the handling of evidence recovered from the Village of Conrath crime scene.

The first witnessed formally introduced to the jury of 10 women and five men was Aaron Matson, with the Wisconsin State Crime Lab. During his testimony to prosecution attorney Richard Dufour, a video was shown which depicted a representation of the crime scene through the view of a rifle scope. Under cross-examination, attorney Jones grilled Matson on the condition of the scope and the elevation of the depiction.

The trial is expected to continue through the weekend, with a slightly abbreviated day of testimony scheduled for Saturday.