UW-Stout professor creates online teaching course

Last week, the University of Wisconsin System announced that all UW schools will be closing residence halls for the remainder of the academic year.

At UW-Stout, associate professor Dr. Kevin Tharp, said when that happened, he noticed his colleagues were concerned about teaching their classes online. It’s something he said many may have never done.
Then, Dr. Tharp created a "Crash Course in Teaching Online" from his experience, helping teachers and students alike.

“I use what is called scaffolding. Say I'm creating a video, I’m also putting out text based information or photos or other types on information,” he said. “You need to scaffold it so there are resources that are there for the students who have different types of learning needs.

Dr. Tharp said before this type of instruction will become common, educators must realize that the way students learn is different today. For more information about this course , click here.