Urban chickens: Eau Claire's newest neighbors

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Some of Eau Claire’s newest neighbors are making a name for “backyard-fresh” eggs.

About six months ago, the Eau Claire City Council gave the thumbs up to poultry-raising within city limits.

Now applications are in full swing and urban chicken farms are popping up in backyards throughout Eau Claire.

But before chickens can move in, there's a lengthy application process and a cost of about $185 to get started, but some say, that is a good thing.

“I think going through this process and the cost and the permits is going to make people think a little more about how long they actually want to keep the chickens and things like that, the responsibility for them,” says Jessica Groh, the 3rd Eau Claire resident to receive a “Keeping of Poultry” application.