WATCH: Black bear seen in Eau Claire

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU) -- Eau Claire Police say a black bear is roaming around town.

Eau Claire Police release video of black bear found in Eau Claire on Tuesday, May 21. Courtesy: Eau Claire Police

ECPD posted this video on Facebook Tuesday morning. Police say a black bear has been seen in the Starr Avenue, Omaha Street, Mount Tom, and Boyd Park areas.

Eau Claire Police say most black bears in town are just wondering through and do not act out, but as a precaution, they are reminding people that if you do come across a bear:

•Make loud noises and back away from the bear slowly. This gives the bear plenty of room to leave the area.

•Do not run from the bear or play dead.

•If the bear attacks, fight back with a stick or any item you have accessible to you.

Police say fatal black bear attacks are extremely rare, and the best way to avoid any issues with the black bear is to not feed them. Please put away your garbage or food left outside.