WEAU's political analyst comments ahead of State of the State address

Published: Jan. 22, 2020 at 4:55 PM CST
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Governor Tony Evers will lay out his policy agenda and goals for the year in his second State of the State speech to lawmakers Wednesday night.

This comes as the Democratic governor and Republicans who control the legislature have found little they can agree on.

Ahead of the speech, WEAU’s political analyst, John Frank, said with the highly charged partisan atmosphere in Washington D.C., the State of The State gives the governor a unique opportunity to demonstrate that you can work on issues on a bipartisan basis.

Evers will urge the Republican-controlled legislature in his speech to keep working on many issues before they adjourn for the year and begin to focus on elections in the fall.

“They're going to have to work on a bipartisan basis because they don't have much time,” said Frank.

Excerpts of Evers’ speech released ahead of delivery Wednesday show that Evers will call for enacting nonpartisan redistricting reform, clamping down on vaping among young people, getting the chemical pollutant PFAs out of the water, and more.

“Also in Wisconsin, despite the strong economy, unemployment has ticked up, just a little bit over the last year, perhaps they will address that,” said Frank.

Evers will also encourage lawmakers to make higher education more available to Wisconsin residents.

“Unless there's significant change in the legislature in November, the Democrats will control the governor's office, the Republicans will control at least one house of the state assembly and senate,” said Frank.

The Office of the Governor says although there were setbacks, more than 95% of the bills signed in his first year in office had bipartisan support.

Frank also said this is a unique opportunity to reach across the aisle and talk about what good has happened in the last year, what could happen this year, or it could be used as a kick-off to a partisan debate on what's going to happen in November, in terms of the election.

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