Walker talks about “worst-kept secret” during Altoona stop

Published: Sep. 6, 2017 at 4:03 PM CDT
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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker addressed the “worst-kept secret in the state” during a visit to Altoona Middle School on Wednesday.

The stop was tied to the school recently receiving a $25,000 grant in April for its fabrication laboratory – or fab lab. During the visit, Walker addressed other topics – including the status of the state budget. When he was asked up-front, however, if he is a candidate, the two-term incumbent all but announced a timeline he has in mind.

"The budget is not done yet. I would imagine sometime probably early in November – about a year out would probably be a good time for us to think about announcing our intentions,” he said. “But it's no great secret. It's probably worst-kept secret in the state that I'm excited about continue to serve."

So far, five Democrats have officially declared their candidacies for governor – including state superintendent Tony Evers and Eau Claire assemblyman Dana Wachs.

During the stop, walker got to see some of the projects Altoona students were working on, but also took time to answer a variety of questions from students. This included one middle schooler, asking what she should learn about to get her ready for the future. Walker answered by touting academic career plans.

"One of the things that excites me about that whole concept is ... then and 7th and 8th grade and obviously than in the high school, if you figure out what kind of a career would I like – you don't want to be overwhelmed thinking you don't have to make every last choice now – but, what sorts of things in my interested in? Figure that out and then the things the skills that you'll learn in each of your classes will make more sense," he said.

ALTOONA, Wis. (WEAU) -- Governor Scott Walker crisscrossed the state to tout recently-issued grants for fabrication laboratories in Wisconsin schools, Wednesday.

Walker stopped at Altoona Middle School, where the district got a $25,000 grant in April.

The fab labs have helped students learn engineering while they work on real-world projects. During his tour, Walker said he hopes these labs will help with the state's future job outlook.

"Our hope is we not only get more students interested but more students both young men and young women who are interested in the high-tech highly Skilled Manufacturing jobs that are open here in the valley and all across the state,” said Walker.

The stop in Altoona was Walker's final one of the day. He was previously at Granton and Southern Door high schools.