Weston girl continues tab drive to honor late cousin

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WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) -- Peyton's Promise is a local non-profit that gives students the opportunity to become advocates and create charitable causes important to them.

One Weston girl came up with a simple idea to give back after losing someone near and dear to her.

"I just feel that it's a good thing to give back to the community and help those that need a little extra."

Sara Mayer is a D.C. Everest High School student, who started a tab drive to honor her cousin when she was in middle school.

Mayer says: "This drive started four years ago when I was in sixth grade and my cousin passed away due to biliary atresia."

Sara's cousin Sophie's family spent six months at the Ronald McDonald House while Sophie waited for a liver transplant. Those six months left an imprint on her family.

"When Sophie was in the hospital, there were times that she could not leave,” said Ann Mayer, Sara’s mother. “Yet, she could go over to the Ronald McDonald House and watch a movie with her mom and dad. Or during Thanksgiving they were able to help with Thanksgiving and have all the family there over at the house. So, they truly are a home away from home."

The tab drive has grown and the Peyton's Promise van made stops at over 10 different schools and businesses Thursday. At the schools, the tabs are collected and organized by student advocates, who then groom the next group of advocates down the line.

"It's really cool to see the young kids, the advocates, taking leadership, in their own school,” said Sara. “Implementing the drive throughout their school and every year it's going to continue to grow throughout different schools, different communities."

Sarah and her family will drop off the tabs at the Ronald McDonald "Toss the Tab" day in Milwaukee on May 18. If you have tabs, they'll be collecting until then. You can go on the Peyton’s Promise Facebook page to help out.