What's next for the future of the red barn coliseum

CHIPPEWA FALLS, Wis. (WEAU) -- The red barn coliseum on the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds was torn down last week.

The fair board met Monday night to discuss what's next for the space left behind.

The barn was a part of the Northern Wisconsin State Fairgrounds for more than 120 years.

Executive Director, Rusty Volk, says the next step is looking for a replacement that will accommodate agriculture and education.

He says another barn will be built in the same place, but the question is when.

"What we replace the red barn with will be another barn of significant value for youth and agriculture as we go forward," said Volk.

For this year's state fair in July, Volk says a tent will be placed where the barn once stood and all activities will still take place per usual.

He says the board will meet with various leaders in the Chippewa Valley who are involved with agriculture, education, and youth.

Volk said they want to make sure the next building can accommodate the community at large.

“Whatever we build needs to be some type of a structure that will be lasting for at least the next 100 plus years, if not longer,” said Volk.

He says crews were able to salvage some boards from the red barn and those will be used for historic and for memorial purposes.

Volk hopes to have more details on when the next barn will be built soon.

"The red barn is gone," said Volk. "We need to mourn it, we need to understand what it meant, and we need to rebuild it again for the future."