Winter weather impacts ECASD summer school programming

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Eau Claire, Wis. (WEAU) -- The Eau Claire Area School District says the winter weather is costing it hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Thursday's additional snow day means the district will be forced to lose the first week of summer school which also means losing funds.

The district says summer school is measured in the number of minutes students are in attendance and losing out on that first week means losing out on a lot of minutes.

Business district manager Abby Johnson said, “By not having that first week we're very concerned about it because we know that was one of the highest weeks of attendance in the whole summer school program.”

The district says a Department of Public Instruction formula equates that to be around $300,000 that the district would lose.

The district says it's already added additional minutes to school days to make up snow days as well as used its built in 5 day cushion so now it has no choice but cut into the start of summer school.

Johnson explained, “Ideally we would like to be able to make that up and shift summer school and be able to offer those classes at a later time but our summer school program only runs for 10 weeks because then we have new teacher orientation and we have staff coming back to work. We can't have our facilities available to have kids in there when adults are there as well.”

The district is working to see if there are options to regain that lost time but for now there are no clear solutions.

“We are working with our community partners to try and reschedule some of those classes and some of that time but we're not sure how that will work,” added Johnson.

And the district says the potential loss of $300,000 is concerning due to the fact it impacts its bottom line.

Johnson explained, “It's part of our revenue limit so when our aid is certified in October that's just that much less that we can make up in combination of state aid and property taxes.”

The district's summer school program will be condensed down from ten weeks to nine. The district says it will continue to look at options to keep some of the first week's programming