Wintermission kicks off, advocating for more activity in wintertime

Published: Mar. 7, 2019 at 5:36 PM CST
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The city of Eau Claire and Altoona are partnering on a new project to get others motivated to get outdoors during the wintertime

Eau Claire was selected to be a Wintermission project city by a non-profit called 880 Cities, which advocates for healthy communities.

"People are more isolated socially in the winter and generally not as psychically active," said Joshua Clements, planner for the city of Altoona.

"That causes a whole range of challenges for your health."

Altoona is partnering with Eau Claire in this project to develop ways to combat social isolation and increase levels of physical activity in winter for residents.

“We’re noticing, a lot of people don’t want to feel alone in the winter, which is essentially the main thesis of this project, is how we can combat social isolation,” said Candace Leyung of 880 Cities.

Scott Allen, with the city of Eau Claire, said right now they’re trying to determine what is keeping people from participating in activities like they do in the summertime.

“Is it just the weather and cold, is it lack of opportunities, is it lack of access?” said Allen.

Wintermission is in its information gathering stage. Program representatives say they will be looking for feedback from the community on what they would like to see in the community during the wintertime for the next few weeks.

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