Wisconsin State Treasurer visits Eau Claire Friday

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EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WEAU)-- Wisconsin State Treasurer, Sarah Godlewski, visited Eau Claire Friday.

Sarah Godlewski visits kids at Meadowview Elementary in Eau Claire

Godlewski was at her Alma Mater, Meadowview Elementary, reading to children and talking financial literacy.

Godlewski says she started her first savings account at that school nearly 30 years ago, and stressed the importance of financial literacy at every stage of life.

"Financial literacy is something we should never stop doing. Not just in elementary school, middle school, but also when someone has a child or they get married. Retirement is actually a big issue with financial literacy: over 50 percent of Wisconsinites have less than $3,000 saved in retirement," said Godlewski.

Royal Credit Union School Sense team members also donated $500 today.

The school earned the money as an incentive for completing over 1,000 deposits during the school year.