Lack of changing stations in men's restrooms

Some public places in Eau Claire lack changing stations in the men's restroom.
Some public places in Eau Claire lack changing stations in the men's restroom.(WEAU)
Published: Jun. 12, 2019 at 9:18 PM CDT
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A new partnership between Koala Kare and Pampers will add thousands of baby changing stations to public restrooms in major cities in the United States and Canada.

The partnership will add five thousand changing stations to high-need public locations such as parks, community centers and libraries in major cities. In Eau Claire, dads may be hard pressed to find a diaper changing station.

For many fathers of young children in Eau Claire, their family outing means being on the lookout for a changing station. Just in case.

Unfortunately, dads may be hard pressed to find a diaper changing station. Bill Ewings, a local father of three, says he experienced that problem Wednesday at Carson Park.

“"It's very difficult to change a child without one."

Ewings said Wednesday was the first real time he experienced the issue. Thankfully, his wife was there to change one of their three daughters in the women's restroom, but Ewings said sometimes a mom may not be around to help out.

“We need them because the wives aren't always with us to change the children," he said.

A lot of public men's bathrooms lack baby changing stations inside, so WEAU’s Denton Postlewait went to a picnic area restroom in Carson Park to see if that one has it.

The restroom, like at the baseball field, did not offer a changing stations


Postlewait also checked some of the major parks in Eau Claire to see what was available.

At Phoenix Park in downtown Eau Claire, both restrooms offer at least one changing station in the men's room. At the Eau Claire public library, there are no changing stations in the gender specific bathrooms due to a lack of space. But, there is one in the family restrooms.

Kimberly Hennings, assistant director of the Eau Claire public library, said the library is proud to offer changing tables to families.

“We're happy to be able to provide two family restrooms that are available in our youth services section that either dad or mom can use when needing to change a baby."

Hennings also said dads deserve the ability to care for their children the same ways as moms.

"It's extremely important for dads to have a place. They play an equal role in raising their children, so they should have the same opportunities provided to them to be able to properly care for their children."

The dad we spoke with said without a changing table, he either takes his child to the car or changes her on his lap. According to Pampers, 9-out-of-10, dads have gone into a public restroom that does not have a changing station.

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