Tony Dungy dissects the Packers

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NBC Analyst Tony Dungy talks with WBAY Sports Reporter Dave Schroeder during the Super Bowl LII week.

Tony Dungy has been around the National Football League since 1977 when he was a player before becoming a coach in 1981. Dungy is most known for being the head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1996-2001 and then the Indianapolis Colts from 2002-2008. Dungy won two Super Bowls, one as a player in 1979 and then another as a head coach in 2007.

The NFL Hall of Famer has been a studio color analyst on NBC's weekly Sunday Night Football pregame show, Football Night in America since 2009.

WBAY Sports Reporter Dave Schroeder caught up with Dungy at the Mall of America for Super Bowl LII. The following quotes are from the Q&A:

Reaction to the Packers turnover of coaching/Player acquisition staff
"As a coach, I didn't like to see change and you know it's going to happen. When you win, you have success, people leave and you have to groom people and get ready but I always loved the continuity for the (Pittsburgh) Steelers and we had the same staff for a long time and it really helped us. (When) I was in Tampa, we had the same staff and then we had little success and I lost Lovie Smith. I lost Rod Marinelli, Herm Edwards and Mike Shula and we had to regroup. We got Mike Tomlin and some great coaches but it takes a while to put that back together so I'm one that I like the stability."

Do the Packers need the defense to be better than the offense?
"There absolutely is truth (to that), especially in the NFC. You are going to play some games whether it's in Green Bay, outdoors where you may not be able to put up those big numbers. As we did in 2006. You are going to play a game when your quarterback might throw three interceptions. We won a game in Baltimore with five field goals and our defense shut Baltimore down so somewhere along the line your defense is going to have to stand up. I think that's what coach is talking about. We've got to balanced. We just can't just be an offensive team that outscores people."

How do the Packers get better?
"It's focus and players. When I got to Indianapolis, we knew we were going to be an offensive team. We had a lot of star players over there. We had a lot of money devoted. (Former Colts General Manager) Bill Polian said we have got to get our defense to that level and we can't do it with expensive free agents and first round draft choices. You have got to find people. Like Robert Mathis and Bob Sanders, who was a second round pick. Guys who come on down the line. That aren't mega money but they play very, very well and then you have got to get them playing together."

Comparing the Packers to this year's Super Bowl teams
The New England Patriots
"It doesn't have to be splashy (moves). You look at the Patriots defensive moves, other than James Harrison, I don't know that you would call them splashy. Stephon Gilmore was big money but he wasn't as gosh, this wasn't bringing Ed Reed or someone in. Kyle Van Noy, he's playing great football for them. It was a move that wasn't really heralded at the time, they have a tendency to do that. They bring in people in. They know how they are going to fit for them and whether people think it's splashy or not, it's what they need. That's what you have got to find. It could be through the draft. It could be through free agency but who fits for us."

The Philadelphia Eagles
"I think it's the coaching staff saying this is how we are going to play. This is the style of play. We need eight or nine defensive lineman. They don't have to all be big guys. They can be role players. Our secondary's going to be this way. These are the kind of guys we are looking for and I think they have done a great job of identifying that and getting that. Whether it's the household word or the kind of unknown guy putting it together so it fits for your group."

Dungy's thoughts on Mike Pettine
"I remember Mike when he was at Cleveland. (He's a) very good coach. I think he's going to be motivated and geared up and ready to go. He'll help them. No doubt."

Players that stood out this past season for the Packers
"I think in this day and age you have got to get that guy who can disrupt in the passing game. Who can rush the passer when you are up four points and the other team has the ball with two minutes to go. That guy who can make a play. They had some good pass rushers. Some injuries. Clay Matthews was always that guy in the past, well, he needs some help now. To me that's the number one thing I would be looking for. Who can just create that pressure when it's needed like Julius Peppers used to do for us. Like Clay Matthews used to do for us. Who's going to be the guy in 2018 that can, not just get 15 sacks, but who can get that sack that we need to win the game."